Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes
Lightweight Safety Shoes

Lightweight Safety Shoes

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Lightweight Safety Shoes

Why Choose Our Lightweight Safety Shoes:

Some cheaper steel toe shoes use inferior materials, causes not durable and uncomfortable. We always insist on using high-quality materials to supply customers with the most cost-effective products.


    ✔️ Comfortable & Breathable: Lightweight Safety shoes are made of breathable and comfortable upper material to keep your feet dry at all times.

    ✔️ Reduces Pain: Eliminate the pain caused by flat feet, poor walking posture, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and other foot pain.

    ✔️ Non-slip Shoes: The pattern of the sole increases the anti-skid and stable grip on the ground, non-slip and wear-resistant. Keeping an excellent grip.

    ✔️ Puncture-Proof: Safety shoes with steel-midsole is build to protect feet from being punctured by sharp objects like nails, steel bar.

    ✔️ Wear-Resistant Fonction: Good material makes good product, long-wearing and durability.

    ✔️ Reflective Stripe: Extra safety reflective stripe that keeps you safe during the night.

    ✔️ Oil-Resistance: The oil-resistant traction outsole creates a cleat effect using micro-glass filaments for increased traction on wet or oily surfaces. The outsole can give you total protection from the oily place. It can improve the safety of walking and work at night.

    ✔️ European Steel Toes: Made from heavy-duty steel to fully protect your toes from crushing and falling objects.

    ✔️ Durable Cushion Feet: They are finished with ultra-comfortable cushioning. They have been given a modern update with a comfier fit. The soft cushioning provides you with all-day comfort. The lightness of the cushion makes it indispensable and the absolute favourite accessory.

    ✔️ Anti-Static: These working shoes are durable for the powerful anti-static feature and enough to hold up to the rigger of hard labour. The outsole is solid and stable to provide much more comfortable and easier movement.

    ✔️ Lightweight: Light material soles make each pair of shoes weight is only 300g which lighter than ordinarysteel toe shoes.. You won't feel too tired when walking too long.


    Our safety shoes come with an approved safety certification, suitable for industrial manufacturing, building construction, electronic production workshop, pipeline construction, sanitation cleaning, steel forging workshop, electric welding processing, oil mining, steel casting, landscaping, etc.


    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 380g
    • Midsole Material: PU, Rubber, EVA
    • Outsole Material: Rubber, EVA
    • Upper Material: Mesh
    • Lining: Breathable Mesh Fabric
    • Toe cap: Steel Toe Cap Bear 200J


    1x Lightweight Safety Shoes

    1x Safety Certification

    Customer Reviews

    4 Reviews
    David Neas

    I was very surprised by how comfortable these are . I’m doing a house renovation and need protection on my feet aswell as being able to wear them climbing up and down ladders , kneeling and general labour. They don’t look chunky or that unfashionable. I bought them instead of full work boots as I didn’t want the ankle restrictions.

    I received these shoes few days ago. When i size tested them and took pictures but I want to wear them for few days before saying anything. They are very comfortable, flexible and lightweight and most of all they actual size. They fit me perfectly as my usual size shoes. This is my second pair but different design. Love them and will order them again as i change my work shoe frequently.
    Joanne James

    Now that I am working from the home in the garage after the pandemic and restrictions, I decided to setup a small shop in my large garage. It was time to replace my old worn out red wing boots with another pair of safety shoes.

    These have the appearance of a black tennis shoe. With comfort around the ankle and back of the heel and not to cold or hot when wearing in the winter months. This shoe allows my feet to breathe in addition to the protection the front toe and bottom sole provide. This is also not a heavy shoe so no strain when where for the entire day.

    I have even caught myself wearing these out of the garage and to the supply store since they are that comfortable to drive and walk in. I want to mention that the price point is a value for this type of fashion and functional protective footwear.
    Dan J.

    Awesome pair of steel toe shoes!! They look just like regular daily shoes the steel doesn't stand out at the toe of the shoes making them them look like standard workout walking shoes good for anything event and or activity

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